Hi, welcome to Mere Mama!

I’m Louise, a mama to two beautiful babes, with another on the way, partner of 11 years to my childhood sweetheart, dog mum, nature loving, diy loving mama, just trying to find joy in the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.

Join me as I share my parenting stories, mental health struggles, home improvement ideas, healthy recipes and much more, I don’t take myself very seriously and I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy family, and that you’ll stick around!

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If your new here, then please take a look below at my crazy family and what’s been going on lately!


This is us, my gorgeous fella Rich, crazy daughter Malia, and new squishy son Logan! I talk about these guys a lot!


We recently moved into a new home, that was a total bare bones, blank canvas, here’s a few pics of the renovation so far. I will be sharing how we decorated each room, diys and some fun projects too!


Our second new addition, Percy. An Irish Setter/English Cocker Spaniel with an abundance of hair, energy and love!


We are big on health and fitness and love to be outdoors, I’ll be sharing some of our favourite adventures, and you how you can get your little ones out and exploring nature too.


We are homeschoolers, and learning as we go. Our kids have never been to any formal childcare and we believe that children learn best when given time and space to explore things at their own pace. Tag along for some activity ideas, educational trips, and our general experience homeschooling our two young kids (the good and the bad).


Food is my biggest passion in life, and I’m learning to make healthier choices for me and my family while still leaving room for a treat now and then. I’ll share my favourite recipes, how we feed our super fussy toddler, baby led weaning ideas, and lots of easy yummy makes you can try at home.


So this is us! Your average family with a little chaos thrown in to keep things spicy!

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